How To Apply Aadhaar at CSC

If you want to avail the facility of making use of the online services started by the government to benefit the user. So that they can easily get all the essential documents which they require from time to time if they want to prove their identity or residence and much more. The service named CSC  setting up the common service center so that the public can avail the facility to apply online for the service they require under a portal all set of services such applying, registering, verification and application form all sort of services are available. The set of CSC has provided where the internet reach is present but people are not aware of how they can get their documents. The CSC will make sure that a good easy and cheaper service can be given to the people living in the far-off villages.

Steps to apply for the Aadhaar by CSC

  • If you want to apply Aadhaar you have to register yourself at the nearby CSC center.
  • As the service of making online documents and their verification be done by and only for that user who have registered at the CSC portal at the CSC center.
  • The user who has registered can log in to the portal of CSC by which you can open the page to apply for the Aadhaar card by visiting the CSC portal.
  • Click on the link of Digisewa given at the portal on the left-hand side or open the link given along. APPLY FOR AADHAAR
  • Click on the Government services and select the services you need as their option will be provided as Aadhaar, Passport, Election, PAN etc. and fill your asked details.


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